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How to whitelist

While everything that you are sending via your account is coming from our servers, sometimes there can be a problem when the account owners send emails from us to their own email account on their own server. The reason for this is that you set an RSVP address within your account that claims to be coming from “” so none of your recipients will be wise to the fact you are using us.

This is all fine and dandy, but when the emails come from us to your server, your server is going to be sophisticated enough to know that the email claims to be internal ( but is actually coming from our sending domain (

Since external emails claiming to be internal emails is a somewhat common spamming tactic, your server may prevent this from happening. This is where whitelisting comes into play.

By having your IT folks whitelist and the IP ranges below, you are telling your server that we can be trusted and not to block the emails we send to your server on your behalf.

Sending domain:
IP Range: 

Additionally, it may be necessary for external recipients with private domains (not Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) to whitelist our IP range if they have stringent cybersecurity measures in place. This is often the case with government agencies, financial institutions, medical groups and the like.