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Can I embed a PDF in my mailing?

This article explains the three options you can choose from to include a PDF in your campaign.

While you can't embed a PDF into your Frankie campaign /mailing, there are three different ways you can still include the PDF content.

3 Ways to feature a PDF in a campaign

1. Upload the PDF to your document library and link to it

To achieve this option, you simply need to open your Frankie account and upload the PDF to your document library and then create a link for it within the campaign. This is our most preferred option because it has the added bonus of allowing you to track who clicks on the PDF link.

2. Convert the PDF to a jpeg and send it as one image file

For this one, you would first save the PDF as a jpeg or gif file and then add it as an image placeholder within the mailing. This second option is doable, but there are some drawbacks. If you save and send the PDF as one large image file, this can affect your delivery rates, since many servers will quarantine or reject emails coming through with only images and no text. It can also be difficult to read since there is a limit to how wide the image can be. Plus, each image can only be linked to one place, so if you're sending out one big image file, only that image file as a whole can be clickable; which means you aren't able to link text to different places on the file, such as a website or an email address.

3. Recreate the PDF in your Frankie account

The third option is to recreate the PDF with the Frankie editor. To do this, you'd first create a layout that best matches the design of the PDF, then build the campaign to look as close to your PDF as possible using text blocks and images. This is basically a workaround where you'll attempt to simulate the look of the PDF by creating it as a new mailing. Doing so is probably the closest option to being able to embed a PDF into your campaign.