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When creating a new campaign, if you chose to use a blank template, or have selected one of the predesigned templates in our gallery, the drag and drop editor will be featured on the left side of the template and looks like this: 

User-added image

Note: If you selected to use a code your own template, you will not have access to the drag and drop editor. 

In order to add copy / text to your campaign, you will need to either drag and drop a text block from the side into the template, or navigate to a text block that has already been placed in your campaign.

Adding and Formatting Text within a Text Block

Each text block comes with a bit of default text that usually says something like, "Your text here." Click on that default text to reveal the text toolbar that will appear at the top of the campaign template. It will also open to the HTML view which is essentially the styled view. Whereas, the Plaintext option next to HTML will show you a view of the campaign with all of the styling stripped from it, so you'll want to do your designing in the HTML view. 

The toolbar is pinned at the top of your mailing by default. You can unpin it to move it around while you work by clicking the pushpin icon at the toolbar's right. After unpinning, use the four-way arrow atop the toolbar to move it wherever you'd like on the page.

To add your copy, simply begin typing within the text field or paste in plain, unformatted text from another source. It's best to do all of your copy formattings using the text toolbar to ensure consistent rendering across various email clients. And no need to worry about saving your work, because the editor will auto-save as you go.

User-added image

From right to left, the text toolbar allows you to:
  • Select the text style (here's where you'll find options for headlines)

    You can choose from: Paragraph (the normal size font), H1 (the largest header option), H2 (the 2nd largest header option), H3 (the 3rd largest header option), H4 (the 4th largest header option), or Quote (a stylized look for when you want a statement to stand out). 

  • Bold, italicize or underline text

  • Insert a bulleted list or a numbered list

  • Align your text to the left, center, right, or justified

  • Choose from a list of web-safe fonts and assign a font size

    Note: Using these options will override any H1-H4 headers, so it's best to choose one or the other. 

  • Select the text color and background text color

  • Remove text formatting

  • Set a line height

  • Link text to a website, email address, document, or survey

  • Insert an anchor, personalization, divider, special character, or text 

  • Check your spelling

  • View the HTML coding for the text box and make small adjustments

Using the Insert option in the Text Toolbar

The Insert option in the text toolbar allows you to insert the following:


  • An anchor. You can drop an anchor anywhere that you'd like to link to from another place in your mailing. Read more about creating anchor links here.

  • Personalization. Put your cursor where you'd like to insert a personalization (like a first name or brand), then select the member field from the picklist and add placeholder text all in the same place. Read more about personalization here.

  • A divider. Want to break up the content of your text box? Insert a divider to add a little visual space.

  • A special character. Select from a menu of international characters and symbols.

  • A table. Create a table to organize your content. Read more about tables here.

Using the different text styles in the toolbar

In addition to changing the font and font size of any text, you can also assign styles from the text toolbar by accessing the dropdown menu next to Paragraph. Use this feature to apply consistently-styled headlines and subheadings or to create a quote block for any text that needs to stand out from the rest of your copy.


Using the HTML code option in the toolbar

Each text box has its own HTML code set up. If you notice some formatting issues in your text box — like a font size that's not quite right — you may want to view the HTML and make an adjustment.

To do this, click on the </> button in the toolbar to view the text box's HTML code.


Note: You should only use this option for small code adjustments. Do not paste in your own HTML code here. If you'd like to add a section that features your own HTML code, simply add an HTML content block from the drag and drop editor to your campaign.