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How to use the social sharing feature

Our social sharing feature empowers your audience contacts to share your mailings with their social networks via email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Let's walk through how to enable social sharing, read your mail share results and more.

Editing your email for social sharing

While creating an email, take a moment to click on the Share this email section in the template's footer. By checking the boxes in the menu that appears, you're choosing the options your contacts will have to share your email with their friends and followers.

How your recipients will share your mailing

Recipients of your mailing will be able to click on any of the share icons you've added and share your mailing over email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Here's a peek at how they'll distribute your email to their friends, colleagues, and followers:


The most straightforward of the sharing options is email. By clicking the envelope icon, your original recipient will be taken to a webpage that allows them to safely forward the mailing to up to five email addresses.


Clicking the Twitter icon will take the recipient to the Twitter login page. Upon logging in, they'll see a pre-populated tweet with the link to your mailing. They can change the note that appears before the link or add a note after it. By clicking the Tweet button, they'll post it to the feeds of all of their followers.


Clicking the Facebook icon will take the recipient to the Facebook login page. After logging in, they'll be prompted to type a message or comment about the link they're about to post. By clicking the Share Link button at the bottom of the page, they'll make this link and its accompanying message visible in their profile.


Clicking the LinkedIn icon will take the recipient to the LinkedIn login page. After logging in, they'll see the option to post your mailing to LinkedIn updates, or share with individual contacts.

Tracking your share results

To see who shared your mailing, view the response for any mailing with social share options, and click on the Shares tab. You can see the total shares, as well as the breakdown by network.

You'll see a list of exactly who shared that mailing and to which network they shared. While you can see which of your contacts shared your mailing, you can't see the individuals who clicked to view the mailing (although you can see the number of folks who clicked). Those folks aren't in your audience yet, but if they like what they see, they can use the signup link at the bottom of the mailing to subscribe to your emails.