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Using the Image Editor

Our image editor provides users the ability to crop, rotate and flip uploaded images.

To edit your image, first select an image in your library or upload a new image to your library. Once you have selected or uploaded the image that you’d like to edit, click Edit this image at the top right of the image library modal.

Need help adding an image? Learn more here.

Once clicked, you’ll see your selected image, ready for editing.

Image editor features

There are three main features offered with our editing tools: crop, rotate and flip.


The image editor offers a couple of options when cropping. By default, you have the ability to change the image dimensions by clicking on the cropper handles and dragging. The pixel dimensions update as you drag the corners and the cropping region changes. If shift is held while dragging, the ratio of the original image is retained.

Alternatively, you can select an image ratio from the dropdown menu under Image ratio.


Choosing one of these predefined ratios will automatically resize your cropping region to that ratio.

Once cropped, click and drag the cropped region to capture the desired portion of your image.


Images can be rotated 90-degrees both clockwise and counterclockwise by using the first two buttons below Orientation.



Flip your image vertically or horizontally by using the third and fourth buttons below Orientation.


To save your edits, click Apply, or click Cancel to revert your changes.

You’ll then return to the screen where you can add a link or alt text, and also, adjust the size and padding of your image.

At this point, your original image has not been overwritten. If you want to proceed with your changes, click Save. This action will modify the original image uploaded or the selected image from the Image Library, so make sure you have a copy of your original image stored elsewhere.