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How to setup and customize your lightbox form

This article provides details on adding a lightbox form to your Emma account and how to customize it for use on a website or landing page.  

  1. After signing into your account, click on the Audience tab in the main navigation menu, then click Forms on the left. The lightbox form will already be the selected tab next to signup.
  2. Click the Create a lightbox form button on the righthand side of the page and you will be brought to the customization funnel on step 1 of 9.
  3. You'll first need to give the form a title and enter your website's URL in the righthand section, both fields are required. After you have done this, click Next in the bottom right corner.
  4. Select which fields you want to display on your form and they will instantly show in the preview. Click Next.explore.

    Please note: Asking people for more than their name and email address upon first signing up can drastically drop your opt-in rates. When you are using a lightbox form for initial signup purposes, it's best to only ask your subscribers for the information you're going to use (like name and email), then once your subscribers are invested in your content, ask for more details about them.

  5. Determine the order of the fields. If you have more than one field on your form, you can adjust their order by using the three lines to the right of each field to drag and drop it into place. Click Next.
  6. Set the data privacy consent for your form. Here you'll find four options for subscribers to consent to your privacy terms. You can toggle each one to see it load on the preview of your form, select the option(s) you prefer, and click Next
  7. Adjust the style of your form. You can change the heading and its font color, the body text and its font color, the submission button and its background color, the form's background color, and either toggle the overlay transparency to be on or off. Once the form looks the way you want it to, click Next.
  8. Select the audience group(s). In this step, you'll determine which group or groups the subscribers who signup through this form should be automatically added to. You can use the search bar to filter through your groups, and click the checkmark next to a group to select it. Choose the option(s) you prefer and click Next.
  9. Choose the location and timing of the form on your site. The first tab for Location is where you'll decide if the form should show on all pages, or select which pages it should be on by inputting the URLs of those pages. The Timing tab is where you'll decide when the form should pop up, if there should be a delay for it, and if the form should only be displayed once, always, or how often. Make your selections and click Next. explore.

  10. Set the confirmation message and button presentation that displays after a subscriber submits their information. Here, you can also turn off the automatic confirmation email that sends to them so you can set up your own automated, custom welcome email. Make your selections and click Next.

  11. The final step of the process generates a code of your customized lightbox form for you to share with your web developer, who will embed the code on your site to see it in action. Before you click on Save & activate, you'll want to make sure everything looks right and to do this, you can toggle between the desktop and mobile buttons at the top of the form to view its different displays, where you can also choose whether you're viewing the signup form or confirmation message. Then finally, once everything is to your liking, click Save & activate when you're finished. 

Additional lightbox form tips

  • If you have multiple active forms created for the same URL, the first activated form is the one that will display.
  • Because the lightbox form is dynamic, the form will not display after a person has already signed up.
  • Asking for more than a person's name and email address with your form can drastically drop your opt-in rates; instead, you could create an automated welcome series and ask for more info from your subscribers once they are invested in your content.
  • When adding a lightbox form to a website, it's important that you're code-savvy or you may inadvertently disable your whole website. This is why our directions include giving the lightbox code to your web developer because we aren't able to offer support beyond this.