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Understanding mailing statuses on the Campaigns page

The mailings that you create on the Campaigns page are organized into one of three statuses: Drafts, Scheduled, Sent, Automated or Shared.
  • Draft emails are not currently scheduled or associated with any automated workflows. You can edit and send these emails whenever you like, and you can send an email as often as you like.
  • Scheduled emails are currently scheduled to be sent and will appear in a separate Scheduled tab. This tab will only be visible if one or more mailings have been scheduled but not yet sent. Emails that are currently scheduled to send later cannot be edited. If you want to make an edit to a scheduled mailing, cancel the scheduled email to return it to Idle status, make your edits and then reschedule it.
  • Sent emails move to the Sent tab from the Unsent or Scheduled tab when the mailing sends. Copied mailings from the Sent tab will live on the Unsent tab. To make a copy of a previously sent mailing, click the dropdown across from the mailing name and select, Duplicate. Once you duplicate the sent mailing, it will open in the editor allowing you to make any necessary changes.
  • Automated emails are currently associated with one or more automated workflows. You can edit emails that are active in automated workflows, but you must click Publish in the email editor to apply your changes wherever this email is in use. Learn more about editing automated mailings.
  • Shared emails are available when our support team shares a campaign that was created outside of your account.

Changing the name of an email does not create a new email. If you want to use an email as a starting point for a new email, but want to preserve your original mailing, use the Save a copy option in the editor or the Save as template function. By saving as a template, your mailing will become a reusable template in your personal template gallery and easy to access for future use.

Archive existing campaigns

Have a campaign draft or previously sent a campaign that's no longer needed? Simply check the box next to the mailing name then click Archive. If you ever need to restore that mailing, it will still be available in Archived items.