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How to Filter Members in A/R from Email Marketing

In order to prevent members with certain statuses from being synchronized to your Email Marketing system, the filters in the A/R system can be modified to control who is synchronized.

Jonas Club Management

The ClubHouse Online EMM interface Profile contains a Member Status Filtering option that allows you to either include or exclude certain statuses to be uploaded to the Email Marketing website. In order to configure this filter you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Within Jonas Club Management, navigate to Club Management -> Member File -> Member Import/Export -> ClubHouse Online EMM Interface Profile
  2. Select your Club Code, if not already selected.
  3. From the menu on the right, select the Member Status menu option which will bring you to the Member Status Filtering screen.

When your Export Utility was first configured, a Web Representative would have preselected these options on your behalf. If you wish to change the current setup, you will be able to reconfigure the following options:

Filter Type

There are three options to choose from as the Filter Type for Member Status Filtering.

  • All Members - All Members with in Jonas Club Management who possess an email address will be uploaded to the Email Marketing system.
  • Included - Only members whose member status is listed here will be exported to the Email Marketing system.
  • Excluded - Any member whose member status matches this list here will not be exported to the Email Marketing system.
Note: Only one Filter Type can be utilized for the export utility.

‚ÄčIf you have selected Included or Excluded as your Filter Type, you can update the Status List by following these steps:

  1. Within the Member Status field, click on the 'magnifying glass' to see the available Member Statuses to choose from.
  2. Double-click on member status to add it to the list.
  3. Repeat these steps until all desired statuses have been added
  4. Click OK to confirm settings
  5. Click Yes to run a Sync
  6. Click OK from the Interface Profile to save your settings.