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Automated Campaign Guides

An Automated Birthday Campaign will afford your Frankie account the ability to delivery a timely Birthday message to your members. This campaign can be configured to be delivered on the actual birthdate of a contact. Once configured it never needs to be modified again.
Your Frankie account affords your the ability to configure and schedule an Automated Unspent Minimum Notification at specified intervals throught the year. This notification could be configured to advise the member how much they have left to spend as well as the date that the remaining balance will be forfeit.
Frankie provides the ability to schedule a Statement Notification to members on a monthly basis. This Statement Notification could be configured in a multitude of ways depending on the information that needs to be included.

Frankie affords your account the ability to configure and schedule an Automated Overdue Balance Notification. This notification could be scheduled to be sent at a particular time of each month to any of your members whose statement balance owing is more than 30, 60 or 90 days overdue. 

Group Guides

Upload registrant lists from your Integrated Events directly to your Frankie account to communicate via email with attendees.
Capture prospect information online and upload it to your Frankie account to communicate with prospective members.
Generate specific Member Reports in your Back Office system and upload directly to your Frankie account.