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Trigger events: link click

There are five available trigger types when using automation: signupdate-basedfield change, and link click. There are two types of link click triggers:

Link click on a specific mailing: Triggers when someone clicks a link in a specific mailing that you have sent (completed) or scheduled.


After choosing your trigger type, you'll choose from the available mailings. This trigger menu will display emails that have been sent in the last 30 days.

We've found that almost all email opens and clicks occur in the first 48 hours after an email's send, so it's unlikely that an email will generate any additional opens or clicks after 30 days.


When you've selected your mailing, you will see a list of all links within that mailing, sorted by URL. Choose all URLs that you would like to trigger your workflow. 

If you have linked a single URL in multiple places within your email, that URL will only appear once in your list. A click on any link to that URL will trigger the workflow.

‚ÄčLink click on any mailing: Triggers when someone clicks a specific link in any of your mailings.


Instead of choosing a specific mailing here, you'll choose the link (that could exist in any mailing) that you want to trigger your automated workflow.

The link specified needs to be exact - we’re looking for a one-to-one match between the link clicked and the workflow specified.


Notes to keep in mind:

  • Link click in a specific mailing triggers are only available for mailings that have been scheduled or sent (to 2 or more recipients). Sent mailings must be completed, as In Progress mailings are not eligible for selection. If you have not yet scheduled or sent your email, it will not appear in the trigger menu.
  • Link click triggers are not available for split test mailings. 
  • Link click triggers do not work with mailings that have Google Analytics applied.
  • Link click triggers only work for mailings that are sent to 2 or more recipients.
  • Link click triggers operate on unique clicks. Clicking a link multiple times will not trigger the automated workflow repeatedly.