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Trigger events: signup

There are five available trigger types when using automation: date-basedfield changelink click, and signup. A signup event triggers a workflow when someone signs up to receive your emails from a form or integration or is manually added to the audience (but not imported).

  • Filter by form to limit your workflow only to signups from a specific form or set of forms.
  • Filter by integration to limit the integrations that will trigger this workflow when new contacts subscribe
  • Select "All" to send this email to anyone who is added to your audience through all current and future signup forms, contacts added via the "Add" button on the Audience page and contacts added using the API's add and signup calls.

  • The "All" source will only trigger your workflow once per contactwhile a specific signup source will trigger every time any contact uses that form, as long as the contact is not actively moving through the workflow. If a contact signs up again before completing the workflow, the workflow will not be triggered a second time.
  • Automation is designed so that there are two API calls that can trigger signup automation, and there are a few differences between the two:

    API call



    Trigger type

    Email signup

    Email signup

    Signup sources


    All or specific signup forms


    ...only the first time entering the workflow.

    ...anytime someone signs up and meets the workflow criteria.



    Specific signup forms can be used as a source if the optional signup_form_id parameter is included in the call.

    Additionally, contacts can re-enter the workflow using this call and the All source if they’re being added to a different contact group.

    Send default plaintext confirmation email?


    Sends by default. Suppress using the optional opt_in_confirmation parameter